Here are some answers to a few questions you may have for Strange Vixens…

Q. Do you have rental options for any of your dresses?
A. Sorry Strange Vixens is not a garment rental company, however you are welcomed to purchase any of our lovely pieces to your liking.

Q. Does your company showcase in other states or countries?
A. We love to travel! However if you are looking to book us outside of New York or the U.S., you will be asked to cover travel and hotel expenses.

Q. I am having trouble finding the right fit and size.
A. If you are a potential customer in need of a larger of custom size, please e-mail us with a list of your measurements or dress size.

Q. I am having an event and would like to book your company.
A. Please fill out our booking application for a free quote and send it to us via e-mail.

Q. Would you be interested in collaborating?
A. Strange Vixens is very big on collaborations. We love working with beauty companies, perfumes, t-shirt companies, and local artist just send us a e-mail in our contact box