About Us

About US:

SV is a unique swim and active wear brand. We specifically target young woman, who embrace their inner beauty. Over the 4 years we’ve been in business our following and fan base have shown us tremendous gratitude for our pro-women, self-love media presence and anti body shaming reputation. We are a ” 100% women owned ” business, Animal cruelty-Free and Black owned business.

Are you a Strange Vixen?

S.V. is the modern fantasy self made woman. She only exists in the minds of creators everywhere. If you see her then you’ve entered a new dimension.

S.V. garments are animal cruelty-free, professionally sewn and serged, hand-made original resulting in a high-quality product. As an ready to wear label with a concern for sustainability, salvage and recycled fabrics are revamped into something new.

Apparel sizes range from petite to x-large with custom orders available for plus sizes.

About Designer:

Vianca Frazier was born and raised in the Bronx and has been designing for 7 years.
In 2010, Vianca migrated to Brooklyn where she met new and inspiring people that helped her grow into the designer she is today. Her inspirations draw from 1960 horror, Quentin Terantino films, burlesque, Modern & Classic Music, and the self made artist of NYC. She enjoys creating garments for those who are in touch with their inner feminine power.

Words From the Designer:

“I have began the designing process again and in the current stages of rebranding. During this process of growth, I’ve always had a strong passion to give back. My brand is a self reflection of me and I want to share with young woman my experiences with hope to inspire them to be strong and resilient. I wish to help promote women empowering each other through self expression. Our society sadly for years has pushed ideal beauty standards to women since they were in diapers. My brand at its highest peak was encouraging those women who were ashamed of their bodies, to stand up and be proud to wear what ever their heart desired. Growing up as a young girl I was bullied and constantly picked apart by adult family members on my weight, even by ex-lovers. SV breaks the barrier of conformity to societies notions of beauty. The Strange Vixen shall wear what ever inspires her without a second thought about what anyone has to say about it, with class or course!).” -Vianca Frazier 2017

“My hope for my business’s future is to be able to provide advance designs, and to provide parcel proceeds to pro women charities.” -Vianca Frazier -2017